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What We Do

The First FREE Online RC Registry!

We provide a registration database that gives your RC a unique QR coded sticker that you can print. Just apply this sticker to your RC for peace of mind.

If you have a fly away:

and if your RC is found and the QR sticker is scanned, we’ll notify you by email!

GEO Location & Realtime Mapping:

we will put your craft on our Geolocater map. Add a bounty to it, and generate interest in finding your craft!


FREE & Upgraded Subscriptions!

  • 1
    Personalized QR Code
    Every FREE registration comes with your own personalized QR code that you can print. Upgrade and receive high quality, waterproof pre printed stickers from us!
  • 2
    Offer a Bounty!
    Upgrade your registration and add a bounty to generate more interest!
  • 3
    RC Board Submission
    Upgrade and we will also submit your lost RC’s description and last known location to all the major RC boards and local clubs in that area!
  • 4
    Peace of mind
    Knowing that your RC is tagged with a personalized QR sticker, without the need to give your personal information to strangers.

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