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Have you ever had a fly-away?

If you’re an RC hobbyist or professional, you probably have had one or a close call! The expense and time you put into your hobby makes this a hard pill to swallow.

That’s where “FindmyRC.com” can help! We provide a FREE registration database that gives your RC a unique QR coded sticker. Just print and apply this sticker to your Plane, Quad, Car, Boat or whatever your favorite RC happens to be.

Enter a  the description, type of craft, your contact information, photos if you have them and if your RC is found, we’ll notify you! There is no need to put your personal information on the RC itself!

For an annual subscription of only $25 we also offer the following:

  • 1

    Personalized QR Code

    You will receive (6) high quality, waterproof pre printed stickers from us!

  • 2

    Offer a Bounty!

    Add a bounty to generate more interest! Transactions can be handled directly through Paypal.

  • 3

    RC Board Submission

    We will submit your lost RC’s description and last known location to all the major RC boards.

  • 4

    WANTED! Billboard Flyers

    A PDF with your RC’s description and contact information will also be submitted to any local RC clubs in your area!

  • 5

    GEO Located Map Listing

    We will put your missing craft on our realtime, geo located map! Located on our main page, the highly visable map shows the location of every registered missing craft along with its last known location and contact information.

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